All The Fake Belieber’s

This is what your leaving simply because he fell in love and you don’t approve? You should ashamed of yourselves. He’s a boy that fell in love with his best friend. ❀️ If they get back together, they won’t got public with it, because of all the nasty rude things everyone says to/calls Selena. You simply do not see that Selena is the good in Justin’s life. When he is with Selena, he is himself. He tries the be the best he can. Since you think that his happiness is nothing to you, you’ve broken someone you promised to love.
Thank you so very much, for breaking the only one who could make you feel beautiful without telling you, who could make you feel like you are worth something, who could make you smile when you cried, who could comfort you when you needed comforting without him actually being there, who cared when you thought no one else did, and who loved you when you thought no one else did.


The Belieber’s who actually truly care about Justin and his happiness.


When I make it one day. When I can finally say I’m really better than you. Don’t expect me to forgive you for all times, you made me feel worthless. All the times you make me feel weak. You will no longer be my source of pain, but simply my source of smiles, because I know that I am better than you without making someone feel the way you made me feel.
— Princess Nicole πŸ‘‘